Tax Controversy

IRS and State Tax Audits

Analysing Data


Nearly every taxpayer loses an audit.


There is no better word to describe the power and authority of the IRS.

How can I say that?

Because I was ruthless. And so were my co-workers.

I started my career as an IRS Revenue Agent (Forensic Accountant).

I tore through a business' books. I dove into business and personal bank accounts. I verified receipts and contacted 3rd parties to  confirm your information. I used the full power of the law to assess taxes and yes-even send people to federal prison.

I know their manual, their procedures, what questions they will ask, how they apply the law, how to mitigate your risk, and how to handle any appeals. 

The Government brings a heavy hammer to an audit. 

You should too.

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The Government can seize assets to collect back taxes. Don't just stand by and let it happen

We've all been behind on a bill or late to pay.  Most creditors are forgiving. The Government is not one of them.  From levying your bank and retirement accounts, to issuing a lien against your property, to seizing your property for auction- The Government's reach is almost unlimited.
Don't ignore the notices.
Don't hide your assets.
Don't give up.
As a former IRS agent, I know the limits of what they can do.  You have options. Let me help you get out from under the heavy hand of the government.